Liam Jones

December 7, 2019

Impact of over the top (OTT) services on telecom service

What is OTT technology? OTT is an abbreviation that stands for “over-the-top” and it means offering media streaming service over the internet, it involves the practice […]
December 7, 2019

Music Industry Structure before the internet.

  Over the past decades, the music business in the United States has undergone rapid changes in terms of recording, sales, and distribution. Most, if not […]
December 7, 2019

Importance of Nutrition in the human body

Nutrition The food we eat affects our daily activities and to some extent our feature. So, in essence, I believe it is important to maintain good […]
December 7, 2019

enzymes importance in catalytic reactions analysis

Cells and organisms depend on enzymes for catalytic reactions. Enzymes act as catalysts within living cells and organisms by increasing the rate of chemical reactions within […]
December 7, 2019

vitamin and mineral supplements use analysis

Dr. Emilio Guallar and colleagues have reviewed three new supplementation studies from which negative results have been registered. This has ultimately made them conclude that supplementing […]
December 7, 2019

Implementing change within the organization

To maintain competition in the markets organizations must undergo various changes. McMillan, E. M. (2004) Change in the organization may be necessitated either external factors or […]
December 7, 2019

Effects of GM outsourcing on the stakeholders

General Motors (GM) as commonly referred is an American based international company specialized in manufacturing, designing, marketing and distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts. Outsourcing involves […]
December 7, 2019

Bank of England, annual quarterly report analysis

The bank of England is considered as the central bank in the United Kingdom, it was founded as a private banker in the year 1694 to […]
December 7, 2019

Minor Political Parties in Australia discussion

Minor Political Parties in Australia Introduction Minor parties or small parties have been in recent years been of much interest in the European nationals and political […]
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