Capable Army Women should engage in Combat Zones

Capable Army Women should engage in Combat Zones

Women have been perceived to be companions of men throughout history. There has been continued inclusion of women in the American military since the creation of the Nurse Corps in 1908 by Congress. Although most of them were allowed to engage in supporting the combats units issues have been raised on their credibility if they are allowed in direct infantry combats. Nevertheless, since 1994, the Pentagon has been formally excluding women from engaging in “direct combat on the ground (Dreazen, 1).Over the recent past they have taken part in military activities as supportive staff. Their contribution in many wars speaks for themselves. Women have naturally peace loving people more than their male counter parts.  A larger percentage of these women are also taking part in peace and aiding activities in countries where war is the order of the day. Many countries especially the Israel and the US have accepted to integrate women in the infantry military activities. The birth of the European union and the fall of the soviet union made US change its plans in its defense .This made us change its military missions and roles because there was now reduced threat. In 1983 the US defense ministry came up with a policy statement which was to allow women more career opportunities in the army. For example it was to place women to train as fighter pilots as while others are directly integrated into combat positions. Although the inclusion is slowly taking shape, criticisms have also been raised over the whole issue, more so with regard to women engagement in the combat zones. The women need to be allowed to take part in the combat zones and realize their dreams, utilize their unique talents and defend the country, as long as they are capability and pass fitness tests. This is because there are strong women who can endure tough conditions just as men

American Pentagon has been accused not to promote integration of women in combat position because of the position they have for women. They perceive that most women are not legible to these positions because they do not have the necessary physical strength. But the continued participation of women into direct military engaged has made this perception reviewed. It has now become evident that today’s modern warfare is not necessarily about physical strength but more of technology. This together with the changed political and social ideologies has now forced the US military increase its new recruits.

Feminists argue that women have also the right to join the military in any position in that what men can do they can also do. They also argue that equal opportunities should be given to both men and women, provided they meet the right standards. They therefore demand to be given the same military positions as men, because they are also patriotic as citizens of America. They see themselves having the capability of working through the entire war period. Their ability in previous wars as support staff has up their courage to see they are also able.

While equality in the other aspects of life is paramount there is impossibility in referring this equality in military perspectives. Underlying facts remain. While there are a lot of combat positions women can excel, there are situations where only a few are able to survive compared to men in the same positions. Direct combat to combat positions as well as capturing situations make women be unfavorable to those situations. The qualifications into these positions largely eliminate many of them, even before deployment. Most of them do not pass the weight, height and physical exercise. The number of potential recruits usually speaks for them. Very few women come up for infantry recruitments. The hard training coupled with months of perseverance exercise usually makes most of them leave the training. Although technology plays a part in enhancing these characteristics, it only applies to movies because it is only in movies that you will you find woman overcome men. However, those who oppose this thought argue that there are many talented women who should be recruited. As such, the issue of talent management should be explored in assigning women duties win the military.

According New York Times on a report from a war zone in Afghanistan, the war environment in these areas was very unfavorable to women soldiers (Dao, 1). The issues of privacy, relationship problems and convenience have also been fronted by those who do not support engagement of women in combats (US Today, 1). The proponents of this school of thought argue that women may find it hard to take shower and change while in a combat zone. At the same time, the women may not be free to relieve themselves in front of men. Equally, the male combatants may not be free to change in front of the women or answer to the call of nature. According to one marine in that place, there were no showers and people would urinate into a metal pipe full of human waste. Showering was therefore a problem. The scenario of action of just killing the dozens of enemies and travelling to undesirable place was even notwithstanding. Questions would also arise also in the battle field of the capabilities of these women standing these conditions. Is an average women combatant able to carry a male counterpart who has been injured, and do they have the physical fitness? (US Today, 1). Men would have always had a bad perception about women, a woman is usually seen as the weaker sex, and therefore a senior woman soldier or officer would find it hard to coordinate her male junior more than a male officer. It therefore makes the whole process of ineffective. However, those who support a fully gender sensitive combat argue that in a situation of war, such issues as privacy and personal convenience do not arise. War is a matter of death and life, with an aim of finding the enemy (Dao, 1). In such situations, what matters most is protection of life and humanity as opposed to human appearance and right to privacy.

A major argument in support of the argument that women should engage in combat is that as men, women are equally capable and strong. Since the USA population is made up of about 50% women, it is vital that the women be allowed to defend the country. This argument has been fronted by those who believe that the women are just as strong. Since there are instances where women have outwitted men, even in physical fights and jobs that require physical energy, it is evident that women are just as strong. Therefore, they have the energy to engage in a combat situation and come out victorious.

In conclusion, in every society, there is always focus on a personal dream. People always strive to achieve these dreams at all costs.   The women who want to join the military and pursue their dreams should thus be allowed to do so. However, those who oppose this argument are of the view that the ambitions should be matched with capacity and capability to deliver. The argument is that, while there is the issue of equality, men and women are not the same. This policy to bar women from taking part in the combat should thus be enforced. On the contrary, this policy may work against the dreams that the women may have to serve the society and amicably defend America. For example, within the combat units, they can be attached to the battalion, since focus should be on war on gender This is what Dao (1) meant by saying “When the Bullets Flew, ‘They Didn’t Care That I Was a Woman’”. The Pentagon should thus come up with a policy that allows emotionally and physically capable women to serve in the combat zone.

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