Cross-Cultural Management: Ravinaki Resort

  Introduction. 1 Background. 1 Power Distance. 2 Particularistic vs. Universalistic. 3 Individualism vs. Collectivism.. 3 Neutral vs. Affective. 4 Achievement vs. Ascription. 4 Masculine vs. Feminine. 4 Recommendations. 5 The motivation of employees. 5 Position of the resort in the community. 6 Overall revenue of the resort. 6 Conclusions. 8   Introduction Cross-cultural management… Continue reading Cross-Cultural Management: Ravinaki Resort

Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding analysis

              This article is about an experiment that was conducted to determine if differences in cultural perspectives might act as an impediment to empathetic responses. It was conducted among American college students, these participants were to read on targets that experience in social context and assumed a consistent or inconsistent perspective with norms found.… Continue reading Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding analysis

The Invention of Capitalism: Classical Political Economy

Capitalism is an economic and political system whereby the country’s economy is controlled by the private owners and not the state.  The workings of the systems are determined by individual policies, market restrictions, capital movement and labor force within the country.  The system was created for synthetic, dynamic and integrated approaches for organizational analysis cross-nationally.… Continue reading The Invention of Capitalism: Classical Political Economy

Critiques of Democracy for the different people

Critiques of Democracy Democracy is defined in different breaths by different people. For some people, democracy means idealism, justice and liberty as well as the divine incarnations of the societal principle. Other people define it as political justification based on the foundation of idealism. Some people think that democracy has an uncertain value in the… Continue reading Critiques of Democracy for the different people

Berlin International Film Fair Marketing

  The Berlin International Film Festival is an annual event held every February since 1978 some twenty seven years since it was launched in 1951. Also known as the “Berlinale”, the event showcases more than 400 films featuring the worlds or even European premiers. The event also showcases other special events such as exhibitions, panel… Continue reading Berlin International Film Fair Marketing

Red BullTo Create A Culture For Its Brand

  Introduction. 1 Overview of the Red Bull brand. 2 Red Bull as a cult brand. 3 How brands create experiential connections with brand users to generate loyalty and attachment 5 Conclusion. 6 References. 7     Introduction Brands are collections of functional and emotional values that promise stakeholders unique experiences. A brand is a… Continue reading Red BullTo Create A Culture For Its Brand