Contemporary Application Corporate Collaborative System

Contemporary application involves the use of social tools that are helpful in managing enterprise in real-time features. Examples of contemporary tools and systems are video conferencing, cloud computing, on-line shops, and Cisco software. Collaborative application and collaborative software are essential in the communication process that facilitates productivity of the organization. The social collaborative software provides a flexible environment for businesses that have similar coupling technologies. Contemporary tools and collaborative systems integrate real-time events with video conferencing, voice, web, and video. The aspect of blogging in companies is becoming a common practice of updating the status of the company. The infrastructure that provides a platform for contemporary application requires high networking system and web connection. The main servers of the collaborative software are present in the cloud-service. The cloud-service helps in downloading and uploading company’s internal information, and controlling the internal systems (Resta & Laferrière, 2007).

Informative features presences in the corporate collaborative systems are on the social platforms, prediction zones, computation regions, and organizational platforms. Collaborative software creates an environment that supports workers in the organization in achieving professional level of conducting duties.  Creation of support cooperative work systems become useful in the analytical process that help in understanding the behavioural process of the organization. The collaborative systems convey information of any form that would be possible through human organization (Resta & Laferrière, 2007). Computer support systems are the major groupware that holds and associates the collaborative systems. Large enterprise business agencies like oracle, IBM Connections, and Microsoft Office 365 are collaborating in providing quality and up-to-date technological platform on the enterprise management. Major mandates of collaborative systems are supporting the connections of employees, government agencies, supply chain, and managerial team. The environment in a collaborative system encourages new approaches and intensification of the workforce.



Market Analysis, main providers, system comparison and evaluation

Cloud computing has a dramatic expansion in trade associations and has real benefits on the scientific fiction world. The provider of the cloud computing is the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA). CCIA provides association for small, medium-sized, and large companies. Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) provides both hardware and software electronic services that are essential in telecommunications. Video conferencing enhances efficient running of electronic commerce. The cloud movement is sufficient in providing the IT market and integrates industrial overall growth and management. According to IDC cloud research, the cloud computing technology spent more that forty-seven billion United States dollars in corporate collaborative system. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) expects to rise by twenty-three percent in the year 2015 due to increasing in public IT cloud services. The growth of cloud computing applies in five technologies of system infrastructure software, applications, basic services, servers, and platform as a service (Beyerlein, 2003).

According to IDC video conferencing enhances collaboration among the business enterprises. In the beginning, the technology failed due to cultural difference in the integration of business communication processes. Advancement in technology initiates easy connection of video conferencing through a telephone call without travelling. According to Dawley, (2007), the applications in the video conferencing system are essential in the growth of the business market, in the years to come. Video conferencing enhances technology application in market awareness. The presence of Skype in the market, assist in the development of quality, and adaptable methods of expanding the market in a manageable format. Vendors like Cisco and LifeSize have categories of technology that create awareness on the available market and demonstrate the values of video conferencing in the growth of customer relationship (Resta & Laferrière, 2007). The availability of bandwidth determines the strategy of conducting the video conferencing system. Interview session may cost less than discussion or brainstorming sessions.

It is difficult to conduct upgrading system of video conferencing system because it requires an approximate of three dollars on network upgrade for every one dollar spent on video conferencing. Video conferencing provides an interoperable environment. The facilities in video conferencing have the opportunity of providing web conferencing and audio conferencing. The interoperability of video conferencing influence the management system of enterprises in the evaluation of ROI in business application (Dawley, 2007). The major provider of video conferencing services is ACT Conferencing, a PGi Company. The presence of video conferencing facility in an enterprise enhances growth of the enterprise and encourages interaction among the analysts, potential market, and other collaborators in the business enterprise. The disadvantage of the video conferencing facility in the business enterprises is increase in the total expenditure cost in the enterprise. The company require expertise staff in running the video conferencing services and also rise in the cost of upgrading the system due to the dynamic advancing technology (Beyerlein, 2003).

Video conferencing is virtual conferencing and the use of video gives the platform an obvious strength in the functionality of the service. The non-verbal communications are easy to follow in video conferencing enhancing good understanding of the information. The voice is the video conferencing system becomes real hence eliminating doubts of anonymity or online disinhibition. The video conferencing system software features are available online.  Presence of software features online makes the  process easy to follow and allow file sharing in multiple forms. Major disadvantage on video conferencing is the taking away of the personal aspect in the conversation. The surrounding environment may limit the efficiency of the information. Time zone may create difficulties in the communication process. Different regions have different time zones and different schedules that may limit efficient communication process in the managing business enterprise. The business may experience huge expenses due to the need of extra training on the staff members especially on the usage of the equipment (Dawley, 2007).

Comparison and evaluation of UAE Vs International level

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a robust growth in terms of property markets due to application of corporate collaborative system. The country receives a seven percent economic growth per annum according to statistics from 2000 to 2007. The significant portion of growth got reinvested in the aim of growth of the country. The reinvestment programs involved education, infrastructure, agriculture, private-public partnerships, and training. The impact on the growth rate enhances the development of stable and sustainable business enterprises that have a ready market locally and internationally (Carroll et al. 2006). UAE does not have a great effect on the global economic risks due to its stable economy. A major challenge will be a ready market in the global trading system. The skewed income in the UAE country has an effect in the employment rate, political balance, and social variability.  The protection of the global market is through video conferencing and conducting cloud computing business. The atmosphere of the business transactions does not get the direct effect of the harsh economic crisis.

Similarly, the International level of managing enterprises is adapting the use of cloud computing and the video conferencing services. The international level of a collaborative system has promotional dialogues that address necessary issues in the stakeholders. The necessary expositions in the international level create opportunities on the world economic market. The forums of the annual meeting get aired through video conferencing and allow participation from all the stakeholders.   World scenario on the challenges present in the international market gets addressed through individual level through incorporating the cloud computing system on all the business enterprises. Debates on the improvement of the collaborative system have similarities with the UAE debates due to improvement in technology. Independence in management of enterprise management has an advantage on applying personal innovative ideas that are helpful in remaining competitive in the international market (Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj & Grover, 2003).

The evaluation process requires motivation. UAE and international level would motivate different business enterprises in engaging in a collaborative system. The collaborative system has groupware that ensures comparative utility.  Presence of numerous technologies encourages many studies and usage of assessments. Terminologies present in the collaborative framework are universal terms that are easy to understand for all stakeholders (Carroll et al. 2006). Phases in the evaluation process ensure groupware success in creating an impact in the management process of the enterprises. Phase one involves defining the initial framework process. Phase two involves producing product prototypes for acceptance in UAE and international level. The international level uses collaborative technology that get basis on the computer technology, interactive tools and homogeneous platform. Coherence of the system designs in the collaboration enhances use of groups that allow documentation common protocol. Homogeneity is necessary for the second phase of the evaluation process (Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj & Grover, 2003).

The evaluation process of the UAE and the international level considers the characteristics of the group of stakeholders that have similar skills, knowledge and abilities. Personality in an enterprise group gives individual identity and endures motivations from the international market. Characteristic of the situation creates concern on the particulars of the business abilities in a progressive process. The global aspect of business enterprise is meeting the customers’ needs and making profit. Technology aspect ensures the business has updated interpersonal communication skills. The organizational factors and routines have rewarding structure that ensures adaptation of the latest technology. The advances in the contemporary application of corporate collaborate system ensures the factors of technologies support the collaboration technology in terms of conversations. The clarity of visible and audible technology is necessary for the transmission process. The management of the enterprise located the correspondents and evaluates the satisfaction of the collaboration system (Carroll et al. 2006).

Trends, prospective, recommendations and conclusion

The collaborative system is receiving threats of security of the information in the database. The collaborative system technology is developing security system that will ensure data safety in order to restore the confidence of the clients in the collaboration system. According to Beyerlein (2003), System providers of collaborative services are recording an increasing number of collaborations and communication clients. The central management has a control manager that ensures enterprise security. The major security systems for data and collaborations are IM security, Scan Mail Suite, and Portal Protect (Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj & Grover, 2003).

The perspectives of the corporate collaborative system on the enterprise management consider the social impacts and measurable outcomes. The appropriate environment is necessary for the innovative processes and facilitates learning process. New perspectives in the video conferencing methods and cloud computing will encourage further studies of efficient implementation and integration into the existing system (Beyerlein, 2003).

The potential recommendation is a heavy reliance on the collaboration system is necessary for the large enterprises. Carroll et al. (2006) argue that, the development and implementation of a collaborative system depend on duration and resources available in developing collaborative commerce system (CCS). The capacity of manager in integrating IT infrastructure, in the business management system is necessary for lowering the difficulties in the collaborative process. Collaborative system starts from internal process of CCS to the global market (Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj & Grover, 2003).

In conclusion, the implementation process of a collaborative system requires exploration on the relationship aspect that affects the CCS. The management team of an enterprise conducts jointly development process in the installation of IT infrastructure and developing the collaborative system. The limitations of the corporate collaborative system are variations of the research results towards implementation process. Collaboration of client, demand market and logistics ensures efficient implementation process. The market research development considers the decision of CCS towards collaborative system (Carroll et al. 2006).



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