Cultural and Value Analysis of the Converse-Chuck 70

Section 1: Cultural and Value Analysis

The selected product is Converse-Chuck 70. This product is a sneaker produced and sold by Converse Company. The firm is responsible for large scale production of footwear for athletes. The same is named after a renowned basketball player Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor who played the game in the 1920s. The Chuck 70 version was first produced in 2013, and the line encompasses black high-top heels, parchment white, and other versions. The brand has generally been marketed as a modern collection, which is intended to give the target audience the feel of classic footwear.

Chuck 70 brings back some of the features of converse that were dropped in the 1980s. Some of the features brought back from the 1980s include thick insole, One Hundred percent cotton laces, and beefed up arch support. Chuck 70 is quite different from the normal Chuck; in fact, comfort has been enhanced. Interestingly, the shoe brand has remained relevant in the fashion industry from the 1980s

Adam, J. (2018). Converse Chuck Taylor vs. Chuck 70: Breaking down the Differences. Retrieved from

This article examines the difference between Converse Chuck Taylor and Chuck 7o. The article further illustrates the modifications made in Chuck 70 that makes it classier and more comfortable than Chuck Taylor (Aamidor, 2006). The writer opines that with the advancement in technology, the company began producing Chuck 70, which has won the heart of many footwear fanatics.

The writer further explains that the visible difference between the two brands is the weight of the textile used in production. Further, Chuck 70 has a mid-sole that has been enhanced by the addition of a different layer. The layer is added to ensure comfort for basketball players. The Chuck Taylor version also has a cap fitted to ensure that its stable. However, the Chuck 70 edition has no cape as other modifications have been made.

The writer opines that the Chuck 70 edition is a luxurious version that has modifies the previous versions. The writer explains that the increase influences the production of these luxurious shoes in technology and market demand. As a parting shot, the writer opines that the Chuck 70 model can be worn by a variety of clothing ranging from official to casual wear. The writer further explains that as technology advances, the existing versions of Converse will be modified to fit the market needs.

Peterson, H. (2017). The Converse Chuck ‘70: A Step In The Right Direction. Retrieved from

The author of this article illustrates the evolution of the converse from the beginning of production to the latest modification. The writer indicates that Chuck 70 was first produced in 2014 to enhance the earlier versions of Converse. The writer further indicates that Chuck 70 has been modified to include the earlier features that existed in the 1980s.

The outward appearance of the shoe, the writer, explains, exudes luxury that a footwear fanatic would naturally love. On the other hand, Chuck 70 fits in the latest trends in fashion (Benz, 2010). The Chuck 70 footwear resonates well with different dress styles. In fact, the writer opines that the changes in dressing style over time informed the modification of the then existing version.

The modification of Converse saw the introduction of a player name on the inside of the shoe. Basketball players have traditionally worn chucks. This is due to their comfort and lightness, thus convenient for playing the game. The writer indicates that the modification and appearance of Chuck 70 is just a shell of how it looked in the 1980s. In the end, the writer opines that the evolution of Converse shoes is geared in the right direction. He further indicates that there is a need to advance the look and comfort of Converse to match the productions of the 1980s.

How the Values are Portrayed to the Audiences

The Converse Chuck 70 has an attractive appearance ranging from enhanced insole to increased comfort. The advertisement features the pictures of the Chuck 70 edition and explains the modifications made from the preceding models. These features are advertised or portrayed to the public or fashion fanatics to invite them to make purchases.

Core Values Relevant to the Purchase and use of Converse Chuck 70

The technical performance that Chuck 70 gives to the user is one of the core values that the edition boasts. The chuck 70 was named after a basketball legend; thus, most of the converse shoes are normally used for playing basketball. The Check 70 edition gives the user technical performance during the game or on-court movement (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2014). Further, the edition has been lightened to ease movement for basketball players. This feature was specifically added to create the market for the product among basketball players.

The product has equally been made comfortable by revamping the older edition. This value is explained in the above articles with the aim of inviting the public to make purchases. Comfort has been enhanced by the addition of a rubber layer at the bottom and the inclusion of an in-sole.

The different colors that the product comes equally provide the value to potential purchasers. The advertisements feature a different color of Chuck 70 edition that is meant to satisfy the taste of different customers. While earlier editions had few colors, Chuck 70 comes in black, white, red, and other colors that suit the taste of purchasers.

The physical appearance of the Chuck 70 edition is equally eye-catching. The edition is well designed with proper physical appearance to attract potential purchasers. The advertisements feature visually attractive Chuck 70 edition that would ideally invite fashion lovers to make purchases.

Whether the Values Encourage or Discourage Use or Ownership

The values of Chuck 70, as discussed above, provide the necessary taste for consumers; thus, the overall sale increases. The major audiences targeted by the advertisements are fashion fanatics and basketball players. The improved values provide the ideal taste for consumers. Chuck 70 provides comfort and technical performance to basketball players.

On the other hand, the improved look and different colors denote the key values that footwear fanatics love. The values that teenagers fancy is quite different from the values fancied by the older generation. However, Chuck 70 comes in different styles and colors to suit the various social classes. Further, this product has been modified to fit casual or official wear. Cumulatively, the values that Chuck 70 exudes encourage the target audience to purchase and use the product.

Whether the Core Values are Shifting Upward, or Downward

The core values embodied in Chuck 70 have been improved over time. The features that were present in the products of the 1970s have been reintroduced in the Chuck 70 edition. The features include enhanced appearance, improved comfort, and addition of an insole. These values have given the converse are defined look that meets the taste of the target audience.

The introduction of the features that were only available in the 1970 editions epitomes the upward shift of the values in Chuck 70. With the improvement in technology and increased demand for better products, these values are also set to improve or shift upwards. Further, the improvement of the Chuck 70 edition has seen the expansion of the market to cover all footwear fanatics rather than only basketball players. As technology advances, the need to produce more sophisticated and better versions of Converse will come in handy. The values are therefore expected to rise with time, and better products will continue to be produced to meet the market demand.

Print Advertisement for Chuck 70 Edition

Figure 1. Print advertisement for Chuck 70 edition

The knowledge of cultural values would be critical in planning the advertisement. For example, providing a picture of the product would be ideal in giving the customers the overall view of the product they expect.

Symbols to use in Advertisement of the Product

In the advertisement for the product, it is critical to evaluate the symbols to be used. The symbols that would be ideal in the ad of the Chuck 70 edition of Converse include the image of the Chuck 70 (Lauren, 2018). The image gives the target audience the pictorial view of the product they are looking to purchase. In instances where the picture of the product is provided, the target audience can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the product.

Colour Psychology

The color psychology involves displaying the product in different colors with the aim of informing customers that the product is available in many colors. This invites many people to visit stores and choose colors that suit them.’

Focal Point

In the advertisement, focusing on a particular point would be ideal in informing the audience of the desirable features that the product gives. The Chuck 70 edition advertisement would focus on the lower side of the shoe to bring out the comfort that the use brings.

Typographic Composition

The advertisement for Chuck 70 edition would involve the balancing of fonts with the words “Chuck 70” conspicuously displayed to enable the audience to get a glimpse of the advertised edition quickly.

Section 2: Subculture and Social Class Analysis

Marketing Strategies

marketing strategies for the Chuck 70 edition calls for proper planning. The choice of marketing strategy also depends on the existing cultures, social class, and the target market. The strategies that would be ideal in the marketing of the Chuck 70 edition are discussed below.



Segmentation is one of the strategies that would be employed to market Converse Chuck 70. The strategy involves the recognition of different age groups and classes of people. Therefore, a product with different values would be produced depending on the target audience (Gobbo, 2014). Every age group has their taste as far as footwear is concerned. Therefore, a classier product would fit teenagers and footwear fanatics while a simple product would fit older people.


The Chuck 70 edition would be marketed as a brand worn by celebrities across the world. Most people in the entire world have celebrities that they look up to. Therefore, any product which is associated with a particular celebrity tends to sell. The association of the Converse with the legendary basketball player has helped it penetrate the market and sell robustly in the entire globe.

Product Distribution

The choice of distribution of the Chuck 70 edition is a critical marketing strategy that would be used. Opening stores in major cities across the world would be ideal in marketing the product. Products such as Nike have distribution stores in major cities worldwide. Therefore, in marketing Chuck 70 edition, it would be ideal for opening as many stores across the world to ensure that sufficient client base is reached. The outlets or regional shops are the best way through which products are advertised and made available to the customers.

Identify two other subcultures and discuss various strategies you would apply to reach specific groups in your target market.

Cultures can be broken down into smaller subcultures where the product may be sold. In larger cultures, different marketing strategies may be used. For example, the larger African culture has other subcultures that may influence the marketing of this product. Various subcultures have their behaviors that control consumer actions.

Significance of social class to you as a marketer? How would the difference in social class influence the marketing of your chosen product in terms of the following?

Social class is one of the factors that influence the behavior of consumers towards a product. Social class is determined by the age group, income, living standards, and many other factors. Understanding the social class of individuals is critical in determining the type of product to avail in the market. Marketing of product lines and styles would be influenced by social class in instances where a particular product targets a distinct audience. Chuck 70 is a product with different designs that would fit different social classes.

Advertising media selection in marketing Chuck 70 would depend on the target audience and social class. For example, a sale targeted for teenagers would ordinarily be made in social media sites where most teenagers spend time. Further, the copy and communication style of marketing would be different depending on the target social class. The payment policy for purchased products would depend on the social class. The mode of payment for the purchase of Chuck 70 would be different for those with access to credit cards as opposed to only those who can pay in cash.

Section 3: Analysis of Reference Groups and Family

With your chosen product in mind, who would your target market consider their reference groups?

Reference groups are people or groups who the target market looks up to when choosing a product to make. In marketing, it is essential to consider reference groups that would inform the decision that consumers make before purchasing products. Chuck 70 being fashion wear, it is critical to refer to reference groups such as celebrities or even renowned individuals before concentrating on a particular market. For example, celebrities who are reference individuals to most teenagers would be a target for marketing the product.

Consider choosing a superstar or celebrity to promote your chosen product. Who would that be? Discuss the reference group factors that you would raise when negotiating the hiring contract with the superstar or celebrity.

The celebrity that would be chosen is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a favorite among most football fanatics. Informational influence would be ideal as a group reference factor because the celebrity followers would most likely believe in the information provided by those that they look up to. It would also be ideal to discuss normative group factor influence in the negotiation of a hiring contract with the celebrity.

Celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo have a significant impact on their followers; thus, it would be critical to discuss this factor to ensure the proper sale of Chuck 70 brand. Typically, people tend to wear what they have seen celebrities wear because they feel the need to conform to the behavior of that particular celebrity.

Section 4: Analysis of Consumer Influences and the Diffusion of Innovation

Why is an opinion leader a more credible source of product information than an advertisement for the same product? Are there any circumstances where information from advertisements is likely to be more influential than word of mouth?

With the influx of several products in the market, people majorly rely on advertisements and opinion leaders to enable them to make choices before purchasing products. Opinion leaders are people who are hired by companies to influence or market a product. Opinion leaders have sufficient knowledge of the type of product they market; they are also respected by their followers or listeners; thus, they can influence their choices of products. Owing to their influence and knowledge on products they market, opinion leaders tend to convince the audience of the choice of products. There are also other situations where product advertisement for products may be more convincing than word of mouth, especially where celebrities or reference groups advertise such products.

Section 5: Virtual Communities

Virtual communities have shaped how businesses operate. Most multinational companies are now relying on online communities to take their businesses a notch higher. The crop on virtual communities has seen a stronger business-customer relation, thus guaranteeing feedbacks to the companies (De Mooij, 2019). The virtual business communities have equally led to increased sales and a reduction in operational costs. The online or virtual communities have also ensured quick or instant customer feedback, which is a milestone for most companies.

For your chosen product, provide recommendations for a promotional campaign

Promotional campaigns are result-oriented marketing strategies that ought to be employed by production companies. A promotional campaign aims to widen the customer base or bring into the market a new product. Promotional campaigns vary, and they include advertisement, roadshows, and other methods. An effective promotional campaign for Chuck 70 products would involve advertising the product on websites.

Chuck 70 is fashion wear; thus it would also be ideal to hire celebrities to market to promote the product. The other promotional campaign would be the opening of various stores in different cities across the world. Chuck 70 is fashion wear, which is favorite amongst teenagers, celebrities, and other people. The choice of this product has been informed by the increased modification of the Converse shoes to fit the market requirements. Different products throughout the world have undergone evolution to meet the market demand. Technology has also been a key factor in seeing the modification of this product.

Marketing of the Chuck 70 edition has been carried out skillfully, especially by the inclusion of celebrities in the strategy. Ensuring that this product reaches the target market involves proper strategy and planning. Over time, the strategies and marketing methods employed by the manufacturers have worked to their advantage in ensuring increased sales.


Aamidor, A. (2006). Chuck Taylor, All-Star: the true story of the man behind the most famous athletic shoe in history. Indiana University Press.

Benz, E. T. (2010). U.S. Patent Application No. 12/198,566.

De Mooij, M. (2019). Consumer behavior and culture: Consequences for global marketing and advertising. SAGE Publications Limited.

Gobbo, A. (2014). The making of consumer decisions: revisiting the notions of evaluation and choice by reconstructing consumer habits through subject evidence-based ethnography. Doctoral dissertation, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Lauren, E. (2018). How to wear Converse sneakers in 2020. What Who Wear. Retrieved from

Schiffman, L., &Kanuk, L. (2014). Consumer Behavior, Global Edition: Global Edition. Pearson Higher Ed.

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