Determinants of Londoners Loyalty in Public Bars

Determinants of Londoners Loyalty in Public Bars


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Title: What Determines a Londoner to Develop Loyalty To a Public Bar


There has been an increasing rate of public bars in London and globally. The number has caused need and determination of improvement of services offered in such bars to attract customers. Competition plays a significant role in establishing an effective strategy and the need for effective, high quality and timely services in bars to maintain and attract new customers. Hence, Londoners have taken it as an advantage to receive high-quality services from such bars to call for their loyalty. However, loyalty is not easily developed among customers. Hence, there is a need for the managerial system of the bars to develop effective strategies to enhance their skills and higher efficient and competent employees to facilitate the acquisition of skills and develop reliable measures to help in administering high services that may retain customers and develop their loyalty towards the bars. The main problem associated with bars is that customers have been visiting different bars over time; hence, there is a need for bar owners to develop reliable measures that will enhance customer’s loyalty so that they can retain n a particular bar and fully commit themselves daily.

The main objective of the research is to develop reliable ideas that be incorporated in public bars to enhance customer loyalty. The current public bars and restaurants are entitled to serve the majority, some of whom may not be having a sober mind. Therefore, the staff should show understanding and care for its customers against any misunderstanding and potential conflicts. Such things may help reduce cases of theft and fights hence retaining customers and attracting more. There have been several issues to address relating to customer relations in public bars. However, the current research has not incorporated much information relating to public bars as they major on the generalization of organizations. Therefore, the topic is credible and manageable to be researched, which calls for changes and incorporation of modern changes in the workplace. The research will also help to answer the research questions on the factors that determine Londoner’s loyalty to public bars. The question will be answered based on the qualitative research methodology and presented in descriptive design. Besides, it is based on a literary review of the previous researches that relies on credible and reliable sources that have been peer-reviewed to affirm their credibility.

The research can be effectively used by the managerial system of public bars to catch up with the current changes in perceptions and tastes of customers, which determines the essence and importance of loyalty among customer’s behaviors and needs. Different researches conducted related to the relationship between loyalty and customer relationship in public bars in London do not give a broader perspective and complied information. Hence, there is still a need to fill the gaps by addressing the core areas used to develop effective and credible research findings. The study has been conducted to facilitate effective findings and structural ethical considerations to fit ethical requirements. The research is specifically interested in London bars and Londoners.



Research Aim

The main aim of the research is to analyze the position of the public bars in London and develop effective and reliable measures that can be implemented to develop and enhance customer loyalty among customers.

Research Objectives

  1. To evaluate the determinants of customer loyalty towards public bars.
  2. To assess the measures that London bars have adopted to develop and enhance customer loyalty.
  3. To assess the effectiveness and success of the measures adopted by London bars in relation to the improvement of customers’ loyalty.
  4. To identify and discuss possible measures that can be used to solve the existing problems related to the loyalty of customers.

Research Question

What determines a Londoner to develop loyalty to a public bar?


H1: High quality and timely services have an associated connection with building customer loyalty and behavior.

H2: The position, security, and social considerations directly connect with the improvement of customer loyalty.

H3: Reasonable prices and strategic positioning have a reliable connection with improved loyalty of customers.

Literature Review

Customers have different views and perceptions of what enhances their loyalty. Hence, it is difficult to apply specific measures to enhance the loyalty of customers as they have different views and ideas concerning loyalty. However, it is better to rely on the customers’ feedback to make better decisions that are permanent and reliable. Based on the size and motives of different bars, it is important to consider applicable and measurable implementations to attract and retain customers. The basic determinants of Londoners’ loyalty to public bars are quality of services, stability, position and social considerations, and prices and locality. Hence, literary texts and other scholarly articles and reliable journals will contribute to the research to help in structuring a credible literary review. Reviewing articles is mainly aimed to assess their credibility, the main points addressed, and its reliability. Therefore, the literary review is composed of different parts with subheadings, if possible, to give a clear view.

The literary review will be based on the current articles that have addressed the conditions and determinants of Londoners in relation to their response to bars. Credible sources are mostly overlooked and utilized in customer relations and change of behaviors as they use the current ideas and changes that have recently occurred due to change in drinking, socialization, tastes, and technological advancements. Therefore, the dissertation will comprise of credible sources that are relevant to the topic of discussion. The chronological structure will be organized in a chronological order comprising the identification of themes, trends, patterns, pivotal publications debates, and gaps connected to the literary texts addressing the chosen topic.

The theme identification part of the structure composes the core ideas and claims of the authors that are credible and reliable. Based on research, Londoners’ relations with bars depend on how they are treated, served, and granted additional services to attract them. Hence, the major determinants of Londoners’ loyalty to bars also rely on their consistency, reliability, and durability. Despite the measures taken to respond to the consumer feedback, managerial and working staff should work to provide the factors consistently to improve and retain the loyalty of Londoners. The major themes highlighted in the current research consist of quality of services and products, delivery time, stability, locality, and prices. Most current bars in London function to compete with each other. Bar products are not basic needs that are needed on a daily basis. In addition, most products sold in bars are universal in all bars and have the same effect of satisfying customers’ expectations (Amha & Brhane, 2020). Therefore, recently some organizations have developed strategic but contradictive measures to come up with the competition level. This has led to the introduction of fake products and services to make higher profits attract customers. Specifically, Londoners depend on bars for recreation, and therefore bars are mostly full on weekends as people engage in their leisure activities. As evident in most bars, Londoners have shown rebellious behaviors and hostility when not served in accordance with their expectations, which leads to a reduction of their loyalty. Therefore, better and improved quality of services might significantly help in responding to Londoners’ expectations as a form of the determinant of their loyalty. In addition, the services should be timely delivered to help promote the needs of the customers, which affects their loyalty. Hence, timely delivery of services boosts Londoners’ loyalty as they are assured their schedules will be effectively followed.

Besides, the pricing strategy in London bars has been analyzed as a core determinant of customers’ loyalty. The pricing strategies differ from various London bars based on their size, reputation, number of expected customers, and locality. Generally, every Londoner would wish to spend less in bars provided their expectations and needs are met. However, some extravagant people spend more in bars and would therefore wish to visit the most developed bars that fit their class. Therefore, there is a need to consider the class and expectations of customers to develop and retain their loyalty. Hence, the pricing should be generally considered as the governing determinant of loyalty. This is because all organizations should follow ethical business perceptions to promote their reputation and adhere to the set standards to promote the health of consumers. Poor strategy methods affect the loyalty of consumers and have generally impacted London bars as many bars are overcharged either by the managerial sector or by incompetent staff for their own benefit. However, better methods used in most developed bars have been associated with reliable and fair pricing.

Locality and social and legal considerations are also key determinants of Londoner’s loyalty to bars. The positioning of organizations helps in establishing a convenient place based on the expectations of the target customers. London has big cities and towns which can be well used for Londoner’s convenience. However, there are also local places that are not well developed hence serve few customers and hence with fewer expectations. In addition, many customers rely on locality to identify their interests and tastes. Most researchers claim that the locality of bars attracts customers who are within the range. Bars in big cities have an added advantage as they serve many customers with higher expectations, and hence they may arise the prices to reciprocate the expenses incurred. Besides, social and legal considerations are key determinants to facilitate the loyalty of customers. Bars that offer different tastes and food consider utilizing modern services (Roe, 2006). Thus, people have different tastes depending on their social perceptions. The expectations depend on social and cultural values that limit one from having particular tastes. Londoner’s trust and loyalty can be impacted by the services and rules that guide different organizations. In addition, legal factors determine the loyalty of Londoners as many people would not risk being imprisoned due to the reluctance of bars to follow the set legal measures.

In addition, the stability and concern of the bars determine the loyalty of Londoners towards bars. Many people would wish to enjoy their moments in protected places as they are assured of their safety. Bars are associated with various crimes and hostile behaviors that affect how people relate with each other while drunk. Hence, the management should be aware of potential hazards that affect the loyalty of customers. This has been responded to in various bars in London through the employment of security guards to control the movement and suspicious behaviors among the customers. Some people may have different motives to enter bars; some to drink while others have malicious evils such as robbery and theft. The responses have shown concern and compassion of the management towards the customers, which enhances their loyalty.

The chronological structure of the review also follows patterns and trends that have been identified in the contemporary bars in London. The research has been conducted by comparison of the services, products, and changes in consumers’ expectations. Based on credible and reliable sources, many London bars have employed modern technology to facilitate their services and products to maintain their brands and call for future modifications. Modern technology has been incorporated to help in packing and refining brands offered based on their demand and prices (Wirtz et al., 2020). This eases the work and hence contributing to limited human labor. Modern technology is mostly trusted as compared to human labor. This is because human beings may be tempted to fraud the products and forging of prices. However, modern technology has also affected the quality of products and services. Technology is currently used to create fake products that are later identified in various bars without awareness. Negative modification of products affects the loyalty of customers as they blame the owner of the bar, which may even lead to imprisonment.

The introduction of different branches in the bar industries such as “bar and restaurants” and other small organizations that sell different brands in low and large quantities has greatly affected the loyalty of customers. This poses a competition as they offer different prices and brands that may limit potential customers. London has many bars, and therefore price and quality of services serve as the guiding principle towards developing and maintain loyalty (Rowley, 2005). Such factors may hinder the development of local bars as other places are often visited. The current research has also incorporated the current health measures that have been put in place to control the spread of COVID-19. Factors such as social distancing have recently developed due to health patterns and social patterns.

The review will also entail the pivotal publications and debates which address the related topic. Bars and customer loyalty relationship has been incorporated in various pivotal publications that address how various bars accommodate a large number of people while others have fewer customers. This is mainly affected by the relationship and trust between the customer and the organization. The publications are essential as they provide relevant information that is global and credible. In addition, pivotal debates are essential in exploring the recent changes in bar patterns and Londoners’ expectations. The Consumer-organization relationship has limited controversial debates as many people agree on the set measures and applicable patterns accommodated in the current research. Debates largely contribute to diversified ideas and patterns as they show the accurate responses of people that can be relied upon. Recently, research has shown that many consumers have similar expectations relating to the quality and quantity of products and services. Pivotal publications and debates show that bars key determinants of Londoners’ tastes and loyalty are based on the financial capability and economic state countrywide. During a better financial position, Londoners’ have fewer cases of insecurities and distrust. However, in severe economic crises, Londoners portray high levels of distrust hence becoming hard to convince them. This is mainly contributed by the psychological distrust that arises as people find themselves deceived when drunk, which promotes unreliability. Therefore, there is a need to develop unique strategies that are flexible to accommodate unexpected economic, social, and political changes to avoid negative implications.

Different gaps have also been identified in the previous literary works; hence they should be applied to determine the structure of the final dissertation and offer reliable information that can be used in future researches. The previous researches have limited information concerning the determinants of bars’ loyalty towards the Londoners. Every business should be fair and therefore customers and organizations should achieve their core expectation and objectives (Sargeant  et al., 2006). A few articles have described loyalty to be only based on customers, however, bar owners also need to have loyalty to their customers to trust them as many people pay their bills after refreshing themselves. Hence, it requires bar owners’ loyalty to trust them with their services and products. Besides, many articles have addressed the issue based globally without targeting a specific country. Therefore, the research performed is specifically based on Londoners and their relation to bars. This narrows the research as it does not touch on other countries, which may contradict the findings due to different tastes and expectations of consumers in different countries. Similarly, legal considerations may differ in different countries hence affecting the quality of services and products in bars. This gives room for more exploration using different criteria and structure to develop clear and precise findings with reliable hypothesis.


(Gantt chart timeline)


Amha, G. G., & Brhane, F. (2020). The determinant of Employee Performance in Public Organizations: The Case of Dessie City Municipality Office. International Journal of Marketing & Human Resource Research1(01), 1-13.

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