The modern newspapers in Britain carry materials of a tremendously diverse character. Traditionally, in Britain, newspapers were split between broadsheets and tabloids where broadsheets are the largest and are more serious. For the proposed dissertation, the aim is to investigate the different reporting styles and characteristics found in the newspapers in Britain in reference to phone-hacking scandal  . The comparison will be made by comparing and contrasting the major differences between the two types of newspapers in Britain. The gap that exists between broadsheets and tabloids is an extensive one. The two types of newspapers contain different news, look different, they aim at attracting different readers and they contain different style of writing. Nevertheless, the competition for readers is vivid, and broadsheets and tabloids may steal tricks from each other so as to win the circulation war. Notably, in Britain, many broadsheet newspapers run Fantasy Football Leagues, which originally were a tabloid tactic.



Predominantly, there are numerous differences that exist between broadsheets and tabloids. Tabloids, initially named after the shortened news and stories and the size they have, report in a more personal way (Keeble, 2006). This allows readers to be in a position to identify with the text in the newspaper. Additionally, apart from publishing stories lacking economic and political baseline and publishing stories based on personal focusing private and personal lives, they present more pictures while focusing on local rather than focusing on international news. While comparing to quality media, tabloids incline to sensationalize news that aggravate heated reader responses.

Broadsheets Britain newspapers refer to the most common newspaper format that is 12 by 11 inches wide and 20 inches wide. Broadsheets newspapers mainly consist of six columns across. Apart from their size, broadsheet newspapers tend to use a traditional approach to delivering news (Keeble, 2006). This traditional approach emphasizes on in-depth coverage and use of a sober tone in editorials and articles. The readers of broadsheet newspapers are fairly educated and affluent, where many of them live in the suburbs.

Broadsheets and tabloids newspapers do not look different by accident. Notably, each paper is trying to appeal to the reader. The readers of tabloids newspapers do not read broadsheet and vice versa. Both papers are written in a different manner and it is the work of the editors and other sub-editors to know how each paper should look and make sure only the stories that suit each paper’s style are present in the paper (Keeble, 2006). Additionally, in terms of the language used in the two types of newspapers, tabloids tend to use subjective language where personal opinions are allowed in this type of newspaper. However, for the broadsheet newspaper, objective language is used which means that the paper only deals with facts.


Reasons for selecting the methods

The aim of the dissertation is to investigate the different reporting styles and characteristics that are present in broadsheet and tabloid newspapers through comparing and contrasting in reference to phone-hacking scandal. The method that will be use of content analysis which will be from texts those are present in the two types of newspapers. The reason, for using this method, is because the method allows one to include large volume of textual information and analytically identify the properties present in the information. However, this large amount of information has to be categorized so as to provide a meaningful reading content.

Content analysis will allow a good understanding of the content that is presented in both broadsheet and tabloid newspaper. There will be use of bot qualitative and quantitative method to analyze the texts present in the newspapers. Additionally, content analysis will allow the reduction of a large amount of unstructured content which is present in the newspapers to that which is manageable and relevant to the dissertation. Content analysis will also allow the examination of the relationships and trends present in the newspapers so as to provide the insight of it.

Reasons for conducting the study

The aim of the dissertation is to reveal some of the similarities and differences that exist in broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. Additionally, there is no current study conducted to reveal the comparison and the difference that exist between the two types of newspapers. The dissertation will provide clear information with backed up data as to the differences between the two types of newspapers. The dissertation will also provide information on the news reporting formats that are present in the two newspapers. This will be mainly on how the two newspapers deliver their information to their readers. This will entail the different ways and manners the two newspapers use.

Additionally, the dissertation will also look at the different laws and regulations that are present in Britain that governs how newspapers deliver their news to the readers. This will include information on some of the information that the newspapers are prohibited from writing and what will happen if a newspaper breaks these laws.



Examination of the full pages of the daily papers demonstrates that the tabloids use greater and more staggering photos than the expansive sheets. Additionally the features in the tabloids have a tendency to be more exciting as with, ‘new international phone-hacking scandal’

An alternate distinction that is effortlessly recognizable is the path in which tabloids utilize more striking print at the highest point of the articles, and subtitles inside it, though these have a tendency to be no attendant in the expansive sheets.


As readers are repetitively bombarded with numerous media images of destruction and war, they are turning to moderately softer news stories that are focusing on human interest topics. These tabloid media articles and stories written in a sensitive format engage and attract readers as the broadsheet style mainly focuses on the more serious news reporting.

Nonetheless, while the tabloid media may unite with its gathering of people on a more human level and speak to their feelings, their sensationalized news reports can result in unnecessary suspicion inside the group or make specific news stories appear to be a better number of genuine than they generally ought to be. For instance, a year ago outbreak of swine flu was news that concerns the strength of individuals overall consequently it is an exceptionally sensitive subject.

The treatment of this topic however differed in the middle of tabloid and broadsheet style media. While broadsheets decided to take a more preservationist reaction, the tabloids approached the issue loaded with emotive dialect creating a worldwide frenzy over a moderately little scale pandemic. On the 22nd of May a year ago, The Herald Sun reported that a secondary school understudy from Epping had been found to have an instance of “lethal” swine flu. By guaranteeing that the infection is deadly, they made a feeling of apprehension, when it has likewise been said in an adversary production that the H1n1 infection is no a larger number of unsafe than the occasional flu.

This just empowers the way of life of dread flourishing in social orders expecting the most exceedingly terrible. The Age, the Herald Sun’s broadsheet adversary, gave an account of the same episode on that day and alludes to the disease just as ‘phone-hacking scandal ‘ without a suggestive, descriptive word. In the same article, they likewise bring up that Victorian Premier John Brumby told journalists the Government was “involved in phone-hacking scandal ” Their methodology illuminates the reader in an even tone and incorporates fluctuated quotes that give realities furthermore consolation, putting the episode into point of view.

The positive effect of tabloid is that it does occupy readers with news articles when they would if not find the stories presented irrelevantly. The tabloid media incorporates voice frequencies that are excluded from the serious news. Tabloids are often centered on news that are characteristically marginalized in the mainstream media discourse.



Principally, there are numerous differences that exist between broadsheets and tabloids, such as color, layout, how both newspapers cover their news, and fonts. Most people would come to the same agreement of that a tabloid newspaper tends to be more sensationalized in every way and uses a technique known as hyperbole. Hyperbole means that the act of exaggerating a little so as to attract the audience of different types. However, for broadsheet newspapers, it is all about the facts and it is formally written as compared to the tabloid newspaper. This is because broadsheet newspaper is all about attracting the well-educated and older audiences.

However, when comparing both newspapers using same stories such as the phone hacking scandal, one from a broadsheet style and the other from a tabloid industry, one can notice that the title or the heading of the story will be different. For the tabloid newspaper, one will find a catchy title that aims at attracting the viewers. This means that people in the upper bound of the hierarchy would opt to read the broadsheet newspaper rather than the tabloid while people in the lower bound such as teenagers will read the tabloid.

It is sensible, however, to contend that despite the fact that The Age is a broadsheet paper, it is in danger of getting to be closer to its tabloid partner. A basic correlation of the front-page news on that day demonstrates The Age is succumbing to swine flu distrustfulness while The Australian, a contending broadsheet, concentrated on the New South Wales floods. Explanations behind this could lie in the determination to pull in more readers. In spite of the fact that broadsheets may have the notoriety of the quality press, tabloids have the deals.



Keeble, R. (2006). The newspapers handbook. London: Routledge.


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