Qatar bid to host the 2022 World Cup analysis

International social events are vitally important because of the positive impact that they have on the global population. In essence, they give each faction of the population an equal chance to demonstrate its competence and general wellbeing. From an ethical point of view, this is acceptable because justice is upheld and the general welfare of countries that are otherwise considered to be insignificant and furthered. One of the global social events that have been instrumental in furthering this good pertains to the Fifa World Cup. In this regard, all countries across the globe are given an equal chance to participate in the event including hosting it. However, certain conditions and standards need to be met by participating countries. Basically, these concern important issues such as the security of the participants, the sustainability of the environment, the ability of the country to provide sufficient facilities and so forth. The Qatar bid to host the 2022 World Cup has been compounded by various controversies. Although the country has a sustained economic ability, this does not qualify it to host this important global event.

To begin with, the country supports terrorist practices that are likely to compromise the security of the attendants as well as that of the entire global population. In this respect, security is the topmost concern that is evaluated by the Fifa officials before according the country this important bid. Historical evidence indicates that the country has engaged in terrorist and violent practices in the past. Currently, it does not recognize Israel as a country regardless of Israel being accorded this status by the global community. This ascertains that its perception of important social and ethical concerns such as justice and equality is still wanting. The country should be given time to address these concerns before it is allowed to host such as important event.

The extreme weather conditions that characterize the region have also been a cause for concern. Geographically, Qatar is located in the desert and constitutes one of the extremely hot countries across the globe. During its summer that occurs between June and July, its temperatures reportedly reach 42 Celcius. These are combined with an oppressive humidity of close to seventy percent. Undoubtedly, these weather conditions are unsuitable for both players and fans. They would greatly affect the quality of the event and would undermine the ability of Fifa to attain its goals and objectives in this respect.

Also worth mentioning is the culture of the region regarding its forbidding of alcohol. It can not be disputed that alcohol is greatly consumed during this event. Just like their players, football fans usually enjoy taking beer while watching the game. This is global culture and is assumed by a significant percentage of the global population. It is social activity that contributes to the fun that both players and spectators experience during the event. Forbidding consumption of alcohol therefore has detrimental impacts on the holistic wellbeing of the fans. Qatar does not allow consumption of alcohol and even if it did to accommodate the needs of the global population, this would not be sustainable.

Environmental degradation is another factor that disqualifies Qatar from hosting the world cup. In this regard, Qatar has put measures in place to build giant football stadiums that would be located within a one hour distance drive from each other. Although these resources are essential, it is equally important to put in consideration the current as well as future needs of the local population. Undoubtedly, the respective stadiums would require significant land and financial resources that would have otherwise been useful for safeguarding the wellbeing of its future population. This is particularly so because the stadiums would not be needed again as the event is one time.

Closely related to these are the carbon emissions that have detrimental implications on the global environment. In this respect, Qatar plans to use solar panels to cool the stadiums to close to 26 degrees in order to make them comfortable for the matches. In addition, it looks forward to cooling the walk ways, hotels and other areas that would be occupied by the fans and the players. In this regard, it can not be disputed that it would require electricity to supplement the use of solar panels. Overall, the energy that would be consumed during this event would be immense. Currently, the country is one of the top emitters of the destructive carbon dioxide across the globe. Employment of the preceding measures during the world cup indicates that the country would emit three times the volume of carbon dioxide than it is emitting currently. Certainly, the environmental implications of this would be detrimental.

The night life and entertainment scene of the country has also been compounded by various controversies. Cultural reports ascertain that the country’s culture is very conservative. It forbids public fraternization of women and men, nightclubs, consumption of alcohol and so forth. The country has very limited entertainment options that can not accommodate the entire needs of the global population. Usually, World Cup revelers have a tendency of sampling the museums, local nightlife, historical sites, art and music of the hosting country. The limited options that Qatar offers in this regard make it unsuitable for hosting this important world event.

In a bid to attain the opportunity to host this global event, the country plans to put in place certain measures to counter the abovementioned shortcomings. Wit respect to the construction of the stadiums, the country argues that it has the financial capacity to construct essential and vital facilities whose standards exceed Fifa expectations. Global trends ascertain that the country is one of the richest across the globe and this ability is therefore not questionable. However, it is important for the sustainability of the construction to be reviewed in an in depth manner. This is because the negative implications that stem from this practice have adverse impacts on both the future populations of the country. The preceding assumption is based on the recognition that the natural resource base that current populations in the country depend on is non renewable.

The air conditioning technology that the country plans to employ during this period is aimed at making the weather conditions more hospitable. Apart from the stadiums and walkways, the country plans to air conditions metro stations, the space between stadiums and stations and essentially the entire country. This technology is not new and has been tested and employed previously. In this regard, this would imply advancement in technology and would go a long way in helping countries that are also affected by the extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, the negative environmental impacts that would stem from the use of this technology would be wide ranging. Although the technology would be useful in enhancing the wellbeing of the football fans and players at that particular time, it is worth appreciating that the implications would have lasting effects on the developing countries that are adversely affected by environmental degradation. This is inconsistent with the environmental standards that need to be pursued by countries that host this event.

With regard to the social life of the country, it has vowed to loosen the laws in order to accommodate the needs of the population that would attend the event. This is a bold step especially considering that relative practices that are currently pursued by the country are ingrained in important cultural values. The cultural orientation of the respective practices is the bone of contention in this regard. Generally, culture is intrinsic to the general wellbeing of a population. Loosening of the practices for the sake of this cause has varied implications on the country and the attendants of the event. The country would either experience great difficulties in formulating, implementing and enforcing the rules or it would erode its entire culture.

In conclusion, Qatar has certain critical weaknesses that undermine its ability to host the 2022 Fifa world cup. Although the country has put in place certain measures to address the cultural, infrastructural, cultural and weather problems, important and critical factors pertaining to security and the sustainability of its interventions remain unsolved. As aforementioned, the country might be one of the richest in the country but it is important that it puts in consideration the implications of its decisions and activities to the global populations. Unless these are resolved, Qatar remains unsuitable for hosting this important world event.

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