Wal-Mart’s Business Strategy detailed discussion

Wal-Mart’s Business Strategy

1.0 Company Background

This is the biggest and wide spread corporation globally. It serves more than 68 million clients on daily basis in over 119 nations internationally. With the head office in the US, the company started as a small barbecue hotel. The corporation started their business line as a hamburger. The operation is done either as a franchise, affiliate or the company. Revenues are obtained from royalties, rent, and sales in the corporation. As at 2012, the company’s revenue was $27.5 billion with a profit of $5.5 billion. The present-day company dates its establishment to the inaugural of an authorized electronic Company by Czech American entrepreneur Sam Walton and controlled its world-wide growth. The corporation turns out to be listed on the public-stock marketplaces in 1965. Sam’s aggressiveness in business practices compelled the Wal-Mart to exit the fast food-industry. Irrespective of the feud, the firm grew and saw an expansion of Wal-Mart too many global markets, thus making the company become a sign of internationalization and the extension of the American way-of-life (Angeles, 2012).

2.0 Competitive Advantage

Wal-Mart’s is among the establishment that have demonstrated themselves at creating new markets, rapidly going to up-and-coming markets and fundamentally altering the behaviours and favourites of clients in reputable markets. It is a company that known of introducing merchandise with alluring functionality or making goods that clients require. There is no hesitation that the company is able to bring in stuff that not only displays magnificent features but also able to make products that make the clients feel they require these coffees (Harper, Mullins, & Walker, 2006).

Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage strategy is one erected on nurturing main capabilities to put in value to goods and set up an impression of lavishness and stylishness. Its competitiveness depicted by cooperative learning in the company; particularly how to synchronize varied creation expertise and conglomerates numerous flows of technologies. Wal-Mart’s principal abilities are apparent in its competence to bring into line its knowledge in brilliant marketing plans, administration potentials, working effectiveness and personnel management (Drejer, 2002).

Wal-Mart’s customer foundation made up of the rich and knowledgeable clients who are keen to pay lofty fee for excellent goods and client services. The company aspires at an extremely thin and exact section of customers in the business. Therefore, the firm’s approach determined on this section, and it’s goods and services specially made to encounter this specific customer’s requirements or desires. In terms of joining the plan of differentiation with concentration, the Wal-Mart’s product offered with unique features. The firm make use of unique expression in tagging it’s goods, which even though hard to say seem to be alluring to clients, but the most significant exclusive characteristic of Wal-Mart is its brand name image and status, build all through years of icon developing and promotion potentials alongside a team of administrators and employees who were capable to provide incomparable consumer service (Bradley, 2003).

One more outstanding plan of Wal-Mart is its excellent fast food stuff running and the position of its branches. At first, the firm’s approach in finding for an excellent place for it’s branches was by tryout and mistakes. In spite of this, their try-out materialized where Wal-Mart branches opened at the other side of the globe. This strategy focused on traffic patterns and demographic criteria wherein Wal-Mart branches put on areas where many of its targeted consumers usually go. In every Wal-Mart’s location, all the details carefully planned, like the weather conditions, the customer preferences and behaviors. These details help the company choose the location of its stores. So whether, their outlets are literally facing each other or not, the company is willing to open these outlets as long as these criteria studied and planned (Teece, 2010).

3.0 Wal-Mart’s principal functions and activities

3.1 Adding value

In the Wal-Mart’s value chain structure, it’s most important tasks comprise raw materials procurement from dealers, keeping the coffees to make it unsullied, and record system to keep up stocks and delivery to all department stores while upholding the cleanness of the raw materials. It also comprises the supervision of stores, advertising and promotional tasks, sales and distribution and client service. These tasks fit in to the main tasks in the value chain in that it entail the manufacture of the produce, selling, advertising and delivering the outcome to the customers, and making sure the progressing association with clients and users via service actions such as setting up of apparatus in stores, renovation and improvement of these apparatus and supervision inventory to make sure of uninterrupted provision of the resources. All of these include the bodily tasks that are essential to carry out in production and selling of goods to clients and the brand status (Taylor, & Weerapana, 2011).

The minor tasks, on the other hand, comprise the company transportation to aid these tasks. These are company administration work (i.e. supervision or managerial planning), book-keeping and officially permitted job. It also comprises of human resource organization such as workers expertise growth and education, working out workers’ salaries, benefits and other allowances, technological expansion. These tasks are essential to maintain the primary tasks and to give inputs and services to produce the goods. For a business to attain competitive advantage and add value to its goods, it is essential to connect these tasks and maximize the firm’s value adding tasks. These dissimilar tasks need good synchronization so as for the easy connection among these tasks to be run appropriately. Thorough administration of these connections is formidable foundation for competitive advantage since it permits the firm to determine barriers across business lines and procedures, which are hard to do for most firms (Drejer, 2002).

When we see Wal-Mart’s, its value tasks were at first successful in that the synchronization among its main and minor tasks run, ensuing in the formation of added value to its brand name or goods. It’s internal and external logistics tasks, process, advertising and service actions maintained with an excellent company administration strategy, human resource planning, technological advancement, and procurement performance. For instance, the putting up of stores well scheduled. Each site cautiously scrutinized, taking deliberation of even miniature and apparently inappropriate information such as traffic flow, concentration of persons and demographic description of a region, and cautious recruitment of the workforce to be positioned in each department store. These hold up the main tasks that endeavor to provide good value commodities to clients. In the main task constituent, dealers carefully chosen, the delivery of raw materials to every department store cautiously scheduled to preserve freshness, and every department store made to display an atmosphere of lavishness and contentment for its customers. Therefore, giving rise to the “Wal-Mart” that brought the business as the leading in the field of the fast food industry for approximately two decades (Teece, 2010).

4.0 Wal-Mart’s Resources and capabilities

The resources that enable Wal-Mart to be successful get categorized into the tangible and intangible resources. In terms of the tangible, the company has deviated from leasing to developing its own infrastructure. It makes the company very competitive and sustainable since there total reduction on the cost of leasing building. Even if the initial cost of establishing a building is high, the long term and cumulative effective is going to be very cheap (Drejer, 2002).

In terms of intangible resources, the company has massive experience in business. It gets attributed to the domination in America.  In venturing into new markets globally, the company employs a strategy of acquiring existing stores and makes them their own through buying. It proves to be easy and practical rather than starting from scratch. Also, the culture instilled in the employees is paramount. The company advocates for change and alteration. It has permitted the company adapt to the changing conditions in the aggressive environment (Kotter, 2007).

The capabilities of the company are the supply chain and logistics capabilities. This is the corporation work that harmonizes all of set of connection links, in that way synchronizes cost-effective transfer of goods via distribution routes from suppliers to producers to distributors, and encourages involvement in information such as the requirement forecasts, sales data, and sales advertising alongside the sequence. The major purpose for supply chain organization are dual: (1) a whole structure methodology to overseeing the complete stream of information, resources, and services from unprocessed material in plant and storehouse to the end consumer; and (2) the planned harmonization of trade functions inside a company structure and all through its supply chain for the reason of assimilating supply and demand supervision and building equilibrium between supply and demand. Without successfully overseeing the stream of goods, resources, and services, no corporation can expect to uphold domination of their superiority, prices, or congregate their client’s requirements (Kotter, 2007).

5.0 Wal-Mart’s Competitive Advantage Sustainability

5.1 Differentiation and Positioning

Differentiation stratagem is the marketing practice employed to set a robust distinctiveness in a particular market. It as well may be termed as segmentation scheme. Utilizing this technique, producers bring in an assortment of the similar artifact in the similar name into a specific merchandise group; therefore, include the variety of merchandise accessible in that group. The utilization of branding and cost headship is put in practice. Successful branding comprises carrying the message evidently, substantiating the firm’s reliability, linking to the target projection sensitively, fascinating the buyer, and setting client loyalty (Wisner, Leong, & Tan, 2005).

The cost leadership is to be the lowest-price manufacturer in the business. Several market sections in the market stress cost minimization. If the realized selling cost can at least same as the average for the marketplace, then the lowest-price manufacturer will have the best proceeds. The company employed both branding and cost headship approaches to increase its merchandise in the region and overseas (Sum, 2013).

The product is placed as a set-up fast food market and mostly targeting all categories of people in the market. Its present position can be represented by product quality, brand reputation, market share and marketing capability in order to assess the present stratagem, depending on its trade potency in terms of a major operation measures and aggressive forces in the marketplace. The market appeal for competitors and business strengths relative to those of competitors is put into consideration. There is zone divided into three categories. Zone one is a case when both the firm’s position and market strategies are positive zone two is the selective investments where decisions are to be made if justification of profitability is evidence, and zone three is a negative assessment where divestment strategies ought to be undertaken (Taussig, 2013).


The Wal-Mart takes into account its clientele as its number one precedence and has granted them with plenty of sales and advertising. At the moment, the company has further extended its brands into on-trend style and amalgamated with flourishing product lines such as dessert and sandwich. In doing so, the company has situated itself to supply a broader variety of consumer’s requirements and desires.

The company have tried to adopt the necessary leadership styles and change. Leadership and change in an organization is inevitable if success is the set target. With the new representation, the company has put in new features that strengthen the company to accelerate further towards the pinnacle of success. In my own opinion, the company must put in more resources, efforts, expertise, and technological advancement so as to remain relevant in this century’ business environment.

Wal-Mart will require setting up education for executives, workforce, and the rest to make certain that the transformations completed by the corporation implemented in the proposed manner. Workforce will require expertise in operating the tools. Since the company is sweet-talk, they will require to be acquainted with how to carry out tasks in the new working surroundings, and they will require being responsible custodians. Even though Wal-Mart has encouraged a working party background throughout the years, it will require adjusting the thoughts in a number of ways to instruction way of thinking. This will assist them whether the adjustments and get the organization to a new height of accomplishment and achievement


In general, the low prices have reinstated sales and token of the past. Subsequently, the company has reorganized to a trendier appearance, whereas endeavoring to carry on with the competition. Even though a lot of the company’s new appearance and pricing has supported the firm in requesting to target demographics, further merchandising actions need to be engaged. Making use of focused research into new merchandise and brands, and put into practice targeted store expansion of updated products would permit the company move forward and augment its existence in the presence of its clientele. The distinctive opening to reinvent the picture of the company is needed to be carried out, and the potential of the company will be brighter. Modernization will be the priority set for the Company in order to do well during harsh economic era and beyond.






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