ways of pursuing happiness discussion

Striving for eudaemonia can be pursued through money, imagination, and self-actualization


In life, people have different ways of pursuing happiness. Having a happy life is the ultimate goal of a fulfilling life and it is a process that many people pursue on a daily basis. However, many philosophers have failed to agree on how happiness can be achieved and what makes people happy.the society have multiple ways of interpreting happiness and how it can be found. Many believe that it can be found from unlimunetdsresources and excess money. However, there are those that believe that happiness comes from living oncesfulfuilled and true life. Bothe of these people have mindsets that are different  in their efforst to reaching eudaemonia. Striving for eudaemonia can be pursued through money, imagination, and self-actualization without compromising the complexity surrounding one of the most compelling human concerns.

The ultimate goal of happiness

Striving to find happiness is the basic objective of life. People who do not have resources can rarely call that they are happy. The same way those that are not living the life they want can not claim to be happy. Self-actualization refers to the desire that people have for self-fulfillment. In most cases, people have aims and objectives in life. If they meet these aims, they are more likely to achieve eudaemonia. If they fail, it can be qrgued that they are less happy. However, the process of nself actualization also comes with the search for richness and resources. This is why others may argue that looking for resources is the pursuit of happiness. It is sometimes difficult to argue against this as people explore their imagination by looking for resources.

The pursuit of happiness

The main question is; what is the right way to find eudaemonia. Just like other emotions, happiness is not an idea that people obtain. However, it is something that people should inhibit instead. When someone acts out of anger and they start throwing things at people, they are not aware or self-conscious of their status and they do not know that they are expressing the extreme state of anger. The action shows an individual living and exhibiting his or her anger and does not think of themselves of being hungry. The anger itself consumes a person until they become the anger. Anger and happiness are all human emotions.  The same situation can be described through the use of confidence where a confident man who does not worry about being confident because it is natural to them. Happiness is the same and an individual do not have to wonder whether they are happy, they simply become happy.

From this perspective, finding happiness should not be achieved but rather a consequence of an ongoing situation in an individual’s life and experiences. This is what has eluded people especially because the majority of individuals market happiness making it a goal that can be achieved on its own. There are those that believe that they buy his particular items they will be happy or if they learn a particular subject or objective they will be happy. However, it cannot be achieved because it is a part of life that comes as a result of several other consequences.

Finding happiness through money
it is important that money and material things are a huge part of achieving eudeamonia. It is important to note that happiness is not similar to pleasure. When people seek happiness what they are actually seeking is a pleasure. Pleasure comes with good food, having more time to enjoy television and movies or buying a car or going to a party with their friends. All these are consequences of getting enough money. There are those who believe that achieving happiness comes with losing weight or becoming more popular among other activities. However, these activities only give the satisfaction that may not last long. However, they are also giving the feeling that is similar to happiness. While pleasure is good for people and it is one of the main objectives in life, it is not similar to happiness. Pleasure is related to happiness but it is not a major cause of an individual becoming happy in their lives. To prove this point, a drug addict can give a testimony on how their pleasure turned out to be and how it made them feel.


Finding eudomonia through compromising on complexities in life

There are ways in which pleasure could be the major cause of happiness.  In pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction, many families break up and children are shattered because individuals look for pleasure through other affairs. The other example is a man who eats his most favourite food to death while pursuing pleasure because it made him happy at the moment. These examples show that pleasure is a false good with people focusing their energy to achieve it. Recent research has also shown that individuals who focus the majority of their energy on superficial pleasure and most of the time acquiring materials and up less happy and emotionally unstable. Therefore, happiness may be achieved through compromising on individual ations and the surrounding situations.  the most superficial life that comes as a false manifestation of happiness. It is what people been marketed and what they are fixated towards. It is, therefore, the destruction that allows people to get away from the true reality or the everyday life that they live. While pressure may sometimes be necessary it is not sufficient for complete happiness because it eventually leads to boredom or it ends up hurting an individual.

Finding happiness does not require someone to lower the expectation and goals in life. There is a popular narrative given by people where they state that every individual is a narcissistic person where they are grown with unique snowflakes. An example is an individual starting a high-risk business to invest most of their savings. Even if they eventually fail, they end up happy because of the experience they have gone through and what life has taught them up to the time they reach their goals. Failure to meet people’s expectations is not the end or the ability to fail and appreciate the experience is one of the building blocks of steam happy. The agreement of no expectation is a victim of the old mindset where happiness is seeing to come from without. The joy of life should not be directly related to the amount of money that people have but working with what they have to leave the experiences that one can tell.

Eudoamonia requires compromise

Happiness is the process of becoming idealistic with one’s everyday experiences and self-identity. There are several examples that show that happiness is a process that can be achieved by accepting one’s own identity. For example, an individual who completes a marathon is happier than one who has eaten a chocolate cake. The same happiness can be found from raising a child rather than winning the video game. Starting a small business with a friend or family and struggling with the family to arrive at the top makes one happy more than buying a single computer or a new car. The three activities that have been stated here are exceedingly unpleasant at the beginning because they require high expectations and potential that are set and can always be met by failure majority of the time. However, they provide some of the most meaningful moments four activities that can be remembered in people’s lives. For example, raisoing a child requires struggle, pain, anger, and despair and people would not prefer to get involved in them. These are activities that allow people to become themselves as they pursue more life and fulfillment as well as a  self-identity of the pleasure of pain that they go through. These are similar to the expressions of negative emotions that come with bad habits and activities. It is this reason why some people are happy while undergoing war while others are said why they are involved in weddings today the traits that sometimes people inhabit do not align with themselves making it difficult for them to remain happy.


In conclusion; Striving for eudaemonia can be pursued through money, imagination, and self-actualization without compromising the complexity surrounding one of the most compelling human concerns. People can find happiness in their pursuit for money. Through money, people can make their lives easier and mpre achievable. Through money, people can achieve their long term goals. This is the same strategy that comes with having a child where knowing the contributed to the growth of a human being was a special experience. The process of overcoming all the odds so as to achieve the dream of having a while performing business makes individuals happy as compared to having a moment that does not last. It should be concluded that pursuing requires people to compromise some things in life so that they can live the lives that fit their present condition. People who set major life goals will eventually end up giving them and this is the first step of their long-term happiness.



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